Play Resonance game on Linux

Notes for Ubuntu 12.10 x64 and version of the game.

sudo apt-get install git ia32-libs debhelper pkg-config liballegro4.2-dev libaldmb1-dev libfreetype6-dev libtheora-dev libvorbis-dev libogg-dev gdebi-core innoextract
git clone git://
cd ags && fakeroot debian/rules binary
sudo gdebi ../ags_3.21.1115~JJS-1_*.deb

Now download Resonance from and place it in $HOME/Downloads.

cd ~/Downloads
innoextract setup_resonance_1.0.0.5.exe
mv app ~/Games/Resonance
rm -fr tmp

Now make a startup script.

cat > ~/Games/Resonance/ <<EOF
cd $HOME/Games/Resonance && ags Resonance.exe
chmod +x ~/Games/Resonance/

Now start the game with ~/Games/Resonance/

Windowed mode can be enabled by editing ~/Games/Resonance/acsetup.cfg
More settings can be found here

For my laptop I changed:


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