Play GOG version of Defender’s Quest on Linux

Note: Instructions for Ubuntu 12.10 x64

I bought Defender’s Quest from GOG rather than use the Linux version from the official site. Why?
– Don’t have to pay extra VAT because I’m from EU
– Extra goodies (soundtrack, etc)
– GOG download servers will be up for a long long time, so I’m sure I can always grab the game from there again if I lose my local backup.

FIRST install the demo. See here.

If all that works, leave the demo installed (we’ll use those files).
The following instructions assume you have the demo installed in ~/Games/DefendersQuestDemo.

If so, then proceed:

1/ Buy Defender’s Quest from
2/ Download the Mac install file defenders_quest_1.0.0.4.dmg in ~/Downloads
3/ Open terminal (ctrl + alt + t)

cd ~/Downloads
tar xzf dmg2img-1.6.4.tar.gz
sudo apt-get install libghc-zlib-dev libghc-bzlib-dev libssl-dev
cd dmg2img-1.6.4
(ignore the warnings, if you have dmg2img file in the current dir after compilation, it should be ok)
./dmg2img -p 4 ~/Downloads/defenders_quest_1.0.0.4.dmg
sudo modprobe hfsplus
sudo mount -t hfsplus -o loop ~/Downloads/defenders_quest_1.0.0.4.img /mnt
cd /mnt/Defenders\\
rm -fr ~/Games/DefendersQuestDemo/share/*
tar cf - * | ( cd ~/Games/DefendersQuestDemo/share/ ; tar xvf - )
cd ~/Games
mv DefendersQuestDemo/ DefendersQuest
cd DefendersQuest/bin
mv DefendersQuestDEMO DefendersQuest

Now start the game from terminal:

./DefendersQuest &

It should work fine now. Congratulations.

You may get prompt to update your version:

From here you can download the .deb file or whatever version your prefer using.
If you just want to update your game (like I do), select the tar file. It will download it somewhere in /tmp (it says on the screen where it is saved).
Close the game and update your files like this:

cd ~/Games
tar xzf /tmp/FlashTmp.oaD1fm/defenders_quest_1_0_50.tar.gz

Relaunch game and now you have the latest version:

cd ~/Games/DefendersQuest/bin
./DefendersQuest &

Cleanup (optional):

sudo umount /mnt
rm ~/Downloads/defenders_quest_1.0.0.4.*
sudo apt-get purge libghc-zlib-dev libghc-bzlib-dev libssl-dev
sudo apt-get autoremove
rm -fr ~/Downloads/dmg2img*


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